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Prince of Assyria - What Ever You Want

Prince of Assyria - What Ever You Want

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EP (7" Limited edition of 99 numbered, handmade copies)
Downlad (MP3/FLAC)

Release date: 2008
Catalogue No.: KD051

Ninos Dankha (born in Baghdad, Iraq) better known by his stage name Prince of Assyria is a Swedish-Iraqi pop rock and folk singer of Assyrian descent.

His family immigrated to Sweden when he was just 1 year old and they resided in Linköping, Sweden. He gained fame through his 2009 single "What Ever You Want" on the Kning Disk label followed by his debut album Missing Note released in 2010 again on Kning Disk that charted in Finland. In his bilingual song "Tliqa", he sang in English and Aramaic. In 2014, he released his follow-up album Changing Places that was released on Soliti / Playground.

1. What Ever You Want
2. Tliqa

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