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Molnet - Mothers, Babies

Molnet - Mothers, Babies

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Downlad (MP3/FLAC)

Catalogue No.: KD129DS2
Release date: 22 Jan 2016

An upbeat bedroomwave beat, the crisp vocals combining well with the playful synths in the background - agoodthingeachday

Listening to ”Mothers, Babies” by Molnet makes you feel like Vampire Weekend and Beach boys got together and had a baby. In November 2015 Molnet had their first gig in a crowded Oceanen in Göteborg. With a total self-evident!

Now it is time for their second single ”Mother, Babies” and the April 8th their mini-album debut ”Sometimes”. Vinyl and MP3/FLAC (KD129LP/KD129DL).

1. Mothers, Babies

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