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Albert af Ekenstam - Walking

Albert af Ekenstam - Walking

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Release date: 16 Okt 2015
Catalogue No.: KD131DS-1

An acoustic guitar, seemingly stringed with the delicate threads of nerve fiber.
A drum who's mellow thrumming reminds you of the beats of a heart.
A voice, in which longing and sorrow dwell.

If you listen to the music of Albert af Ekenstam, you hear Albert af Ekenstam. There simply are no boundaries between Albert and his melodies, rhythms, lyrics and sounds. As sincere, as intimate as his notes are... notes seldom are. That said, Albert's songs are at the same time universal. Just like, say, the twenty tracks that make out the Microphones masterful "'The Glow' Pt. 2", they are both deeply personal and easy to relate too. Albert's emotional art is the art of any and every man. Neither more nor less.

"Walking" is the first single to be released in Albert's own name. But throughout the years, he's constituted an elemental part in a number of constellations. Along with Filip Leyman, for example (who in turn produced the acclaimed Anna von Hausswolff album "Ceremony"), the two of them make out post-rock band Tempel. Albert also has lent the support of his guitar to such artists as Sumie Nagano (whose voice embellish "Walking") and Anna "Volcanic Fields" Hansen.

But no matter how good the co-operations mentioned above are—and they are incredibly good, listen to the the self titled debut of Tempel (Kning Disk, 2013) if you haven't already—"Walking" probably is Albert af Ekenstam's finest hour.
As of yet.

When listening to it—when you do hear Albert af Ekenstam—you will probably agree with this.

A soul turns on the turntable.
A life flows from the speakers.

1. Walking

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