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Molnet - Sometimes

Molnet - Sometimes

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Downlad (MP3/FLAC)
Vinyl (Ltd. Ed. of 499 copies only) also include a risograph printed 4p-folded inlay card (9,5x9,5 inch))

Catalogue No.: KD129
Release date: 8 April 2016

Cast your mind back three years... what were you doing? What were you up to?

Skellefteå local Albin Marklund was sitting down and writing lyrics, melodies and song structures that were to form the basis of Molnet (Swedish word for Cloud). A three year journey that has picked up friends and musicians along the way and has now morphed Molnet into a full band, based only a short 1 116 km away from Skellefteå in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Their debut EP ‘Sometimes’ was released through Kning Disk on the 8th April and up next is the release of latest single from said EP ‘In The Sea’, a melancholically joyful sunshine filled song that’s catchier than a fisherman’s net.

A story of loves lost and living with inner ghosts it is undeniably beautiful from start to finish. Packed full of heart tugging melodies, with lyrics delivered in a near whispe- red shout all creating a landscape that you can almost walk around in.

Molnet aren’t just Molnet by name, ‘In The Sea’ floats along like one of the most winsome and graceful fluffy things up there.


1. Should Have Seen Me
2. Mothers, Babies
3. In The Sea
4. Cold Beaches
5. Wimbledon

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